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Providing digital media solutions

No two businesses face identical challenges. Endurance provides independent, original problem-solving support, tailoring our approach to each client’s needs, goals, culture, and circumstances.

By taking a top-level management perspective to understand the client’s business model, sales propositions, unique attributes and marketing strategies, Endurance can provide solutions that best communicate the correct messages to visitors.

We help you plan what you want your website to achieve and then provide appropriate solutions, custom designed to meet those objectives. We will not baffle you with jargon and technical terms, but prefer to take the simple approach understanding what our client’s want and delivering the appropriate solution on time and on budget.

Although we don’t involve our client’s in technical aspects, unless they want to be. We assure you that websites will be built to the latest web standards and be designed to engage with a range of technologies from desktop computers through tablets to smaller mobile devices including embedded systems.

A cornerstone of our digital media design philosophy is to provide visually captivating graphics that work well. Good graphic design should be clean and pleasing to draw the eye to the relevant content. Our experienced designers have excellent knowledge of what works well and seizes the viewer’s attention, as well as knowing what to avoid.

Structure of a website is critical too; pages must open quickly and communication of key messages achieved in the first few seconds if visitors are to continue exploring the site. Once their attention is secured progressive layers of content can provide more detailed information presented in an organised way. By understanding your business requirements at the outset, we can optimise the best way to present the information within the website.

  • Work with client’s to understand their business
  • Take a top-level management perspective
  • Clean eye catching designs and good information structure
  • Standards based solutions utilising the latest technology
  • Work in partnership with client’s to add value

Adding value to your business

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